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Nova 3 wheels

Nova 3 wheels

Nova 3 wheels

6 M - 3.5 Y
0 - 15 kg

Hands-free folding system | All-terrain wheels | Ultra-padded seat | Flexible travel system |

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  • Hands-free folding system

    You will love our Nova’s hands-free folding system! Just press the magic pedal with your foot and watch the stroller fold by itself in seconds.

  • All-terrain wheels

    All-terrain, shock absorbing wheels provide excellent suspension for smooth journeys over any obstacles.

  • Ultra-padded seat

    The Maxi-Cosi Nova pushchair features a large ultra-padded seat that cocoons your baby in comfort anywhere you go.

  • Flexible travel system

    For your baby to use it from birth, remove the seat unit and in just two clicks, snap on the Maxi-Cosi Baby Cocoon, a compatible car seat or carrycot.

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